Operational data exports: Functional Groups

The Functional Groups export returns information on all groups at and below the organization in the context selector, both active and inactive.

This export is available to any LENA user with account administrator or view org permissions.

1. Select the highest organization of interest in the context menu.

The export will pull records for all groups in that organization and in any nested suborganizations within it.

2. From the main menu, expand the Data section, and select Data Exports.

3. Choose the Operational Data tab.

(Note: Your list of tabs may be different, as available options differ by LENA program type.)

4. Filter by date range (optional).

Leave dates blank to export all data.

5. Click the Functional Group button at the bottom of the screen.

The exported CSV can be opened as a spreadsheet in Excel.

Click here for a list of the exported fields and their descriptions.
LENA database ID number of the organization the group is in
GroupID LENA database ID number of the group
GroupName Name of group
Active Indicates whether this group is active or inactive
DatabaseInsertDateTime Date and time when the org was added to the system