Change a user's group associations (Admin only)

Remove a user from a Group

Association to one or more groups allows users with only "view child name" permission to log in and see the data for their associated groups. For a user with "view org" permission, group associations ensure the user can receive not only aggregate notifications for the organization, but also notifications specific to those groups.

Sometimes things change, and a user should no longer be associated with a particular group, even though the user is still active. The account administrator manages these changes.

1. Open the Functional Group record.

There are two ways to do this.

If making multiple user changes for a single group:
  1. Use the Admin menu to open the Groups screen for the organization.
  2. Click on the group of interest, and follow the steps below.
If removing a single user from multiple groups:
  1. Start from an individual user's record, and click on the Functional Groups tab.  
  2. Click on any group in the user's list of associations, follow the instructions below.
  3. Then use your browser's Back button to return to the user's list and repeat.

2. Click on the Users tab.

3. Click on the trash can icon for the user to be removed.

Doing this does not delete the user from the system - it just removes the association to the group.

Note that you cannot remove any user who is currently marked as the primary (starred) group user. Choose a different user to be primary, and then delete the original primary user.