Find which participant a device is assigned to

Use the system search to quickly locate a recorder assignment.

1. Select the highest level organization in your drop-down context menu.

The system will search in all groups within and below this organization, including in nested sub-organizations.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome
  1. Click the magnifying glass.
  2. Type in the serial number from the back of the device, omitting any leading zeros. (For example, type 87653, not 086753)
  3. Hit Enter.

3. Find the recorder listed in the search results.

View the child name under Information.

Under Actions click the assign/unassign icon to go to the assignment screen.

What if no results are found?

The device may be assigned at an organization you do not have permission to see. Get assistance from your account administrator to search at a higher-level organization. If you are the top-level account administrator and cannot locate the assignment, contact LENA support for assistance.