Reporting Data exports: Snapshot

The Reporting Data screen shows several export options. This article covers the exports related to participant Snapshots.

1. Select the highest organization or group of interest in the context menu.

If you select an organization (bold header in the hierarchy), the export will pull Snapshot records for all children in that organization and in any nested suborganizations within it. 

To access data for an inactive/completed group or child, select the organization the group or child was in. You will be able to filter to see just the desired group or participant in later steps.

2. From the main menu, expand the Data section, select Data Exports.

3. Choose the Reporting Data tab.

4. Filter by date range and/or participant (optional)

Leave both Database Insert Date and Transaction Date blank to export data for all dates for the selected context and/or participant.

5. Click Snapshot button at bottom of screen.

The CSV file that downloads can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet program for analysis.

List of exported fields and descriptions

Field Description
DateCompleted Date the caregiver answered the questions
Child's chronological age on date completed, expressed in months
Developmental age results in months
SnapYes Count of items to which the caregiver responded Yes
Standard Score for this administration (avg = 100)
SnapshotPCTL Percentile results for this administration (avg = 50)
Name of person who answered the questions 
Response1 to Response52 Response to each question.
Y = Yes
N = Not Yet
U = Unanswered (ceiling was reached before this question)
ProgramType LENA program the child is in (Grow, Home, Snapshot, SP, Start)
OrgID LENA database ID number for participant’s organization
GroupID LENA database ID number for participant’s functional group
SnapGroupID LENA database ID number for the group the participant was in when this Snapshot was completed. Usually = GroupID; will differ if child has been moved between groups.
ParticipantID LENA database ID number for participant
Participant External Reference ID
LENA database ID number for this specific Snapshot
Language Language in which the Snapshot was filled out in LENA Online.
Note: Where paper Snapshot data has been entered into LENA Online, this value reflects the language selected during data entry.
DatabaseInsertDateTime Local date and time recording record was committed to LENA Online database; aligned to time zone of participant’s organization