Data exports: ITS files

The ITS Files page provides options for exporting LENA Online .its files, which contain segment labels, durations, and more.

ITS files can be exported in bulk for an entire organization, group, or participant; alternatively, filters can be applied to select a single participant and/or a specific date range for the selected context.

The ITS File export is available for LENA SP and LENA Start programs only.

1. Select the appropriate Organization or Group context for the file(s) of interest.

2. From the main menu select Data/Exports then the ITS Files tab.

3. Set up Filters (optional)

Leave both Database Insert Date and Transaction Date blank to export data for up to the 250 most recent .its files for children in the selected context, or for the selected participant.

4. Click the ITS Files button to export .its files

Click the ITS Files button to export one .xml-formatted .its file for each recording within your date + participant filters. You may export up to 250 .its files at a time.

The ITS Files button exports a zipped folder containing .its files for the participant(s) and date(s) selected. See this article (use pull-down to toggle between zip and unzip) for information on extracting files from a zipped folder.

The folder will be stored according to your browser’s settings. For example, Chrome may be set to automatically save all downloads to a default location, or to request a location for each individual download.  You can adjust these settings.

The ITS filename is the filename for the recording.  If you are working with WAV files, the ITS filename will match the filename for the corresponding WAV file. (The option to access a WAV file is available to LENA SP users only.)

ITS stands for Interpreted Time Segments. Each .xml-formatted .its file contains segmentation and duration information for a recording. To learn more about the .its file see LENA Technical Report LTR-04-2

ITS files are often used with ADEX, software from LENA that allows users to parse the .its files and export a .csv to be used with various software. Please see the ADEX section of this site for more information on installing and using ADEX.