Audio transfer failure (failed to transfer from device to Hub)

Audio transfer is the step where the recorder contents are transferred to the LENA Hub, in preparation for upload or processing.

If audio transfer begins but fails to complete, an on screen message appears. 

Rest assured, the data will be safe on the recorder until transfer is complete.

First thing to try:

  1. Disconnect the recorder and power it off.
  2. Power it on again after a few seconds, and verify that the screen message is as expected (Memory Full or Paused with an elapsed time counter). If there is an error instead, address that first.
  3. Reconnect the Memory Full or Paused with data device and attempt the transfer again..

If audio transfer fails again: 

  1. Try a different USB cord.
  2. If using a LENA Multi Dock:
    • Check all connections.
    • Try a different Multi Dock, or remove the Multi Dock and try connecting the device directly to the PC using one of the USB cables.
  3. Try a different USB port on the computer if possible.
  4. Try restarting the computer.

If the problem is limited to a single recorder and others transfer normally using the same equipment and port, the micro-USB port or other recorder component may be the culprit.  Please contact LENA Support and provide the serial number of the recorder to determine next steps.   

If audio transfer fails for multiple recorders even after restarting the computer, the problem is almost certainly with the USB cord or the USB port on the computer. You may need to use a different computer. You can also send your LENA Hub logs (desktop-main.log and lenaService.log) to LENA Support, with a description of the problem you are having, so that we can review for clues.  Contact LENA Support if you need help sending the logs.