Update existing LENA Hub software

The process for updating to the current version varies depending on what version you are running.

The time required to download the installer will vary according to your internet speed and may take 30 minutes or longer on slower connections. The time required to run the installer is typically 15 minutes or less.

If your current Hub screen looks like this but is older than the current version...

Remember, your computer may require help from IT or someone whose Windows account has "local admin rights" on the computer in order to complete the installation.

  1. Close Hub.
  2. Download the installer file from here.
  3. Open and run the installer.
  4. LENA Hub will install over your existing version, and your existing settings will be preserved.
  5. After installation, restart the computer.
  6. Launch Hub and log in.
Help: LENA Hub cannot connect to the device service after the update
Device Service Warning

If a device service error occurs at step 6, close the Hub and then re-run the installer to repair the installation, as follows:

  1. Open your downloads folder (using Windows File Explorer).
  2. Double click on the LENAHub.msi file that you just downloaded.
  3. When prompted, choose Repair.

If your current Hub screen looks like this...

This is very old Hub software! Click here to learn how to move to the new and improved Hub.

The newer version of LENA Hub is completely restructured, so it's best to remove the old version rather than leaving both installed.

Contact LENA Support for assistance (see sidebar), or follow the steps below.

You may need to enlist your IT support for the uninstall/install steps.

1. Ensure that no files are still in progress or in failed status.

2. Check your settings.

This step determines what custom settings you'll need to put in place on the new software.

Open LENA Hub, log in, and view your settings.  Contact [email protected] if you have questions or want assistance with this.

If you see this...
Do this...
Processing Option: 1
After installing the new Hub, change the processing location to Local.
See the last step for a link to instructions.
Processing Option: 3
After installing the new Hub, change the processing location to "local" if desired.
After installation, adjust SP Only settings for audio handling.
See the last step for a link to instructions.
Processing Option: 4
No special action needed.
Hold UPLs: Yes

In addition to the above, after installation, adjust settings to defer processing.
See the last step for a link to instructions.

3. Close LENA Hub.

4. Uninstall LENA Hub.

Uninstall the old before you install the new.

Do NOT just delete the icon from your desktop. This removes only the icon...not the program. Contact LENA Support or your IT department if you need help.

5. Delete the old Hub folders.

Use File Explorer to find C:\Program Files (x86)\LENA\Hub.  

Delete the \Hub folder.

6. Install the current version of LENA Hub.

Follow instructions here.

7. Open LENA Hub.

Log in, and adjust the settings to suit your recorder transfer and processing needs.