Definitions: Organizations, Sub-Organizations, Groups


In LENA Online, an Organization is the entity that executed a contract with LENA and is implementing a LENA program.


An Organization may have Sub-Organizations beneath them if multiple partners or implementation sites are involved in their LENA program. For instance, if Hometown City School District is the Organization, they may have Sub-Organizations beneath them for partners that are running LENA programs, like Hometown Medical Center, Hometown Library, and Hometown Housing Authority.

The use of Sub-Organizations allows an Organization to grant Users access only to data relevant to the Sub-Organization they are part of, rather than the data of the entire Organization.

Functional Group

A Functional Group is a set of Participants participating in a LENA program. For instance, you may have a Group titled Susie's Classroom 2017-2018 or Central Branch: Spring 2018 (ES) Thursday Mornings.