Help - I have duplicate participants

Here's what to do if you discover that a child has been accidentally created twice in your system.

Duplicate children - one has no data

If the duplicate is discovered before any recordings, Snapshots, reading minutes, or other data have been entered:

  1. Check for and remove any recorder assignments. If appropriate, reassign the recorder(s) to the instance of the child you plan to keep.
  2. Change the enrollment status of the child without data to "dropped." This removes him from the default list of enrolled children, reducing the chance of data being added to the duplicate by accident.
  3. If your program stats will be negatively impacted by dropping the child, request deletion of the child.
    • We will also delete any caregivers associated with this child, so be sure that the child you are keeping has the correct caregiver information.

Duplicate children - both have data

The LENA tech support team will manually move existing recordings, Snapshots, reading minutes, and other data from one child to another, and then delete the child who no longer has data.

Please contact [email protected] and provide:

  • Your name
  • First child's ID and which group the child is in
  • Second child's ID and which group the child is in
  • Any other information you think may support our understanding of the issue and the preferred outcome.
    • For example: "Child 1 should have been moved from Group A to Group B, but we accidentally created a duplicate in Group B. Please merge them so that the child and all data are in Group B."

We will review the request to determine the best approach, contact you with any questions, and keep you posted on the changes.