View Snapshot data

There are several ways to look at Snapshot data:

View current Snapshot data for organization or group

The Snapshots screen shows the most recent Snapshot results for all children in the selected group or organization.

View summary Snapshot results for an individual child


1. Starting from the group Snapshot screen shown above, click a child's name to access the list of Snapshot results and Snapshot related actions for that child.


2. Use the system search to access an individual child's launchpad, and click the Snapshots icon.

The child's previous Snapshot results are listed.

The icons in the Snapshot Links column take you to additional detail.

View completed form

From the child's Snapshot screen, click the Snapshot icon (check box) to see the completed form for that date's Snapshot.

Viewing the completed form is one way to examine parent report on specific skills. However, if you simply need a record of the answers, then running a Snapshots export from the Data Exports screen may be more efficient.

View the Snapshot Report

From the child's Snapshot screen, click the report icon to see the graph for that date's Snapshot.

Use Ctrl+P to print. Send to your printer (use Landscape orientation) or save as a file by sending to Microsoft Document Writer, print as PDF , etc.