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Change enrollment status: Complete, drop, or re-enroll a participant

Each child's enrollment status is managed on his or her participant record, accessed from the Participant screen.

Enrollment status options are:

  • Enrolled
  • Completed
  • Dropped

1. On the participant screen, click the participant's name.

The page for that participant will open.

2. Open the Enrollment Status drop-down menu and select the desired status.

Dropped child information

If you select Dropped, you will then enter a reason and dropped date. Select the most applicable reason from the drop-down menu, and enter the date that the child dropped out of the LENA program.

3. Click Submit.

Access to dropped/completed children:

Data for dropped and completed children are still accessible on the various screens via the enrollment status filter. It's a dropdown on most screens and a multi-select on others.

Data exports will also contain the dropped and completed children.

If the child's group has also been set to inactive, then the dropped/completed child's information will be available within the context of the organization where the group was located, via the appropriate filter or by using the system search tool in the upper right corner of the screen.