Edit, delete, or add a caregiver

Caregiver edits, deletions, and additions are done through the Participants screen.

Follow these steps to change caregiver information for an existing participant.

1. In the context drop-down, select the participant's group.

2. From the Menu, expand the Admin options and click Participants.

3. Choose the participant whose caregiver information needs adjusting.

4. Select the Caregiver tab on the Participant record

5. Click on the action you need to complete for instructions.

Add a caregiver
  1. Click New Caregiver.
  2. Add required information.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Relationship to Participant
    • Preferred Language (sets language for Text Reminders and Reports)
  3. Add a Texting Number to ensure the caregiver receives timely reminders rand can complete the Snapshot online. If the caregiver does not have a texting number, you can enter an email address to send Snapshot entry links.
  4. Click Submit to save the record.
Update / edit a caregiver
  1. Click the caregiver's name.
  2. Edit as desired.
  3. Click Submit to save the record.

A note about editing texting numbers:

If the caregiver opted out of texting and wants to opt back in, do not delete and reinput the same texting number. The service will just reject the next text. Instead, ask the family to re-start texting from their phone.

Select a different primary caregiver

In the list of caregivers, click the star icon beside the preferred primary caregiver.

Delete a caregiver

In the Actions column, click the trash can.

This action is available for all caregivers except the primary caregiver. To delete the primary caregiver, first select a different primary caregiver. If you need to delete the only caregiver, contact [email protected] and provide the child's LENA ID and the caregiver's User ID and/or texting number.