Edit session date, time, or location

Date, time, and location can be edited for future sessions, and for past sessions that do not have attendance.

You will need:

  • LENA username and password
  • Dates and times for all sessions to be edited
  • About 5 minutes for data entry

1. Open Sessions for your group.

  1. In the context drop-down, select the group you want to reschedule.
  2. In the Main Menu, expand the LENA Start options and select Sessions.

2. Click on a session to edit.

Special instructions for changing a series of session dates:

Session dates must be in chronological order. For example, you cannot schedule Session 6 for after Session 7, even temporarily.

  • To push sessions further into the future, begin with the last session that needs a date change.
  • If moving session dates earlier than originally scheduled, begin with the first session that needs a date change.

In this example, the upcoming session falls on a holiday weekend, so the group decided to push all remaining sessions out to future dates. To edit, we must start with the last session and work our way backward.

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3. Update date and/or location, as needed.

I need to erase session information because I don't have the new details.

After a session has been scheduled, it cannot be re-saved with a blank date/time and location.

If you know the next date but the location is not set, enter a placeholder, such as TBD, and edit it later.

If you need to clear out dates in order to stop automatic texts (because a group is temporarily on hold, for instance) contact LENA Support or work with your implementation specialist at LENA so that we can delete the data. You can re-enter the correct information when everything is back on track.

4. Click Submit.

Confirm change, if prompted.

LENA notifies you if the change will trigger a text to caregivers.

Click Confirm to make the change and send the texts.

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What changes will trigger texts to caregivers?

Submitting any changes to the upcoming session results in a session update text to all caregivers in the group who have a valid texting number.

Changes to any other sessions do not trigger a text. The changes will be reflected in the regularly scheduled automatic text. In the example for changing a series of sessions, changes to Sessions 7 through 10 do not trigger a text. The pop-up notification appears with the edit to the upcoming session, Session 6.

Tip: If changing both the location and date/time, make both edits before hitting Submit to avoid sending extraneous, conflicting texts.

If your group has already missed the session(s) you are rescheduling, and you now need to move two or more sessions into the future, caregivers will receive multiple texts about changes to the next session - one for the session whose date is currently next, and one for each session that becomes the "next session," even temporarily, as you work through the moves.

This can cause confusion for families!

To avoid confusion you can:

  • Send an ad hoc text before making the changes to clearly state the real "next session" date, time, and location, and to let parents know to ignore the automatic texts they're about to receive.


  • Contact LENA Support for assistance. Given enough lead time, we may be able to clear all affected sessions so that you can re-enter them.

5. New session information is saved.

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6. Repeat for remaining sessions, as needed.