Send a custom text to one or more families

LENA's texting feature lets coordinators create and send custom text messages to the group or to individual families. Examples might include:

  • session content videos
  • weather-related last minute session changes
  • a relevant community resource or event
  • a reminder about something you've asked them to bring to the next session

Follow these steps to create and send texts as needed.

Note that these are one-way texts, meaning coordinators cannot receive replies from caregivers.

1. Choose your group in the context drop-down.

2. In the LENA Start section of the main menu, click Send Text Messages.

3. Choose participants.

Choose all, one, or several children.

(Child must have at least one textable caregiver to be selected.)

4. Type your message in the Text Message box.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

5. Click Submit.