Parent Survey screen: Access and orientation

Use the Parent Survey screen to enter, view, and edit survey data for your participants.


Access Parent Surveys from the main menu. Expand the LENA Start section and choose Parent Surveys.

The Parent Survey screen is visible to all users, but data entry is available only to users with permission to view child names.


The Parent Survey screen shows survey information for all children in the selected organization or group, with options for filtering, sorting, searching, and exporting what's on screen.

  1. Context drop-down menu - As on all LENA screens, use this to select the organization or group of interest.
  2. Child status filter - Display data for Enrolled, Completed, or Dropped children.
  3. Pre- and Post-program survey columns -
  4. Sortable columns - Sort the data by just about any available column.
  5. Screen search - Search just this screen and return the rows that match your search. You can search by most of the available columns - even dates.
  6. Column picker - Decide which types of information you want to see on the screen. Your browser will remember your selections and show you the same ones next time.
  7. Screen export - Make a quick export of whatever is displayed on this screen, for use in your preferred spreadsheet program. There are other export options available via the Data Exports section of the main menu.