Print Parent Survey forms for Start sessions

Families who are unable to complete their Parent Surveys on their smart phone via the texted link can fill them out on paper. Examples include:

  • Primary caregivers without a texting number
  • Primary caregivers whose texting number cannot access the internet
  • Primary caregivers who did not receive the text (due to the phone being off or out of service)
  • Primary caregivers who were not yet in the system when the link was sent

Parent Survey forms are available in the Materials section of the Session Prep screen for any session that includes the survey, and for the following session in case any families missed filling it out.

Note that the Materials section of Session Preparation appears only on the current session tab. You must access and print out the pre-program survey forms on or before Session 2.

For Session 1 and the final session, the Required Materials shows the quantity of forms needed in each language if using paper instead of texts. Alternatively, you can print a just few.