Operational data exports: Start Sessions

The Start Sessions export returns information on all sessions at and below the selected context, including sessions from inactive/completed groups.

This export is available to any LENA Start user.

1. Select the group or organization of interest in the context menu.

If you select an organization (bold header in the hierarchy), the export will pull session records for all groups in that organization and in any nested suborganizations within it.  

To see sessions for a completed group, select the organization the group was part of. You will be able to filter to see just the desired group in later steps.

2. From the main menu, expand the Data section, and select Data Exports.

3. Choose the Operational Data tab.

4. Filter by date range if desired.

Leave the dates blank to export all data. You can always filter the results in Excel.

5. Click the Start Sessions button at the bottom of the screen.

The exported CSV can be opened as a spreadsheet in Excel.

List of exported fields and descriptions

Database ID number of the organization the session is associated with
GroupID Database ID number of the group the session is associated with
MeetingID Session's database ID number
MeetingType Ignore - this is a legacy field to differentiate group sessions from one-on-one meetings in other program types
MeetingDateTime User-entered date and start time for the session, expressed in the time zone of the organization the group is part of
SessionNumber Start session number (1-10 for Start 3, 1-13 for Start 1, 2, and 2.1)
Topic Session topic (corresponds with the session number)
MeetingLocation User-entered location for the session, typically an address for in-person sessions, or URL for virtual
DatabaseInsertDateTime Date and time when the session information was added to the system