Operational data exports: Start Attendance

The Start Attendance export returns all session attendance records within the selected context, including records for inactive/completed groups.

This export is available to any LENA user.

1. Select the highest organization of interest, or a specific group of interest, in the context menu.

If you select an organization (bold header in the hierarchy), the export will pull session attendance records for all groups in that organization and in any nested suborganizations within it. 

To access data for an inactive/completed group, select the organization the group was in. You will be able to filter to see just the desired group in later steps.

2. From the main menu, expand the Data section, select Data Exports.

3. Choose the Operational Data tab.

4. Filter by date range (optional).

Leave dates blank to export all data.

5. Click the Start Attendance button.

The exported CSV can be opened as a spreadsheet in Excel.

List of exported fields and descriptions

Organization's LENA Online database ID number
GroupID Database ID number for the group in which the session attendance was recorded
ParticipantID LENA Online database ID for the participant (child) whose family attended the session
ExternalReferenceID External Reference ID, if available, for the participant
AttendanceID LENA Online database ID for this attendance entry
Makeup Indicates whether the participant's attendance was marked for the regular scheduled session, or a makeup
FALSE = Scheduled session attendance
TRUE = Makeup session attendance
MeetingID LENA Online database ID for this session
MeetingDateTime Date and time of scheduled session
SessionNumber Which session the attendance is for (e.g., 1 = Session 1: Introduction to LENA Start)
DatabaseInsertDateTime Date and time when the attendance was recorded in LENA Online