Send link to content videos for make-up session

LENA offers all session content in pre-recorded video playlists. Originally developed to support virtual groups, these video playlists are also a convenient tool for make-up sessions. Session Prep offers a convenient way to send the playlist to any family who missed a session. The videos are available in Spanish and English.

How do make-up sessions work?

Make-ups using video playlists are simple and efficient.

  1. Coordinator sends the video playlist for the missed session.
  2. Parents watch the videos on their own. With their Parent Guide in hand, they do the quizzes, review the Talking Tips videos, set goals, and complete any other exercises that are part of the session.
  3. The coordinator meets with the family briefly to discuss session content, using the Facilitation Guide for Virtual Sessions with Send-Ahead Videos from the Resources section of LENA Online. The discussion can be an online meeting, a phone call, or an in-person meeting. Its purpose is to reinforce the main ideas, promote reflection, and answer any questions.
  4. After the discussion session, the coordinator marks make-up attendance for the family.

How to send the make-up videos

Make-up session content can be sent as early as the day after the missed session.

  1. In Session Prep, click the tab for the missed session.
  2. Scroll down to Group Info.
  3. For any family who did not attend, click the playlist icon under Send Session Videos by Text.

A text with the playlist link will be sent to the caregiver(s) in their preferred language.

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As a reminder, these copyrighted videos are for use solely by LENA Start coordinators with their LENA Start participating families in conjunction with LENA Start sessions. Please do not distribute or post these links on social media or other platforms.