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Send session video playlists to all caregivers (for Virtual Send-Ahead model)

This article explains how to send session content videos for the virtual sessions with send-ahead videos model, where you'll provide the content to all caregivers in your group a couple of days before your scheduled live discussion session.

To share content with individual families who need to make up a missed session use Group Info on a previous session tab instead.

To send to all caregivers with smartphone texting numbers:

  1. Open Session Prep.
  2. Scroll down on the current session tab to the Materials area.
  3. On the Send-Ahead Playlist Texts section, click Send.
  4. Confirm.
Can I send these playlist links by email?

If a family does not have a smartphone or does not have a texting number at all but does have an email address - or if you prefer to manage this by email - you can copy the text message with the link from the Facilitation Guide and then paste it into an email (outside of LENA Online). Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Resources screen (Main Menu > LENA Start > Resources).
  2. Click the Program Resources tab to access the Curriculum Resources.
  3. Open the Facilitation Guides (English or Spanish) and go to the Appendix with the sample texts.
  4. Highlight the text for the session video, which includes the playlist link.
  5. Type Ctrl+C, or right-click and choose Copy. Now the message and link are on your clipboard.
  6. Paste this information into an email to the caregiver.

As a reminder, these copyrighted videos are for use solely by LENA Start coordinators with their LENA Start participating families in conjunction with LENA Start sessions. Please do not distribute or post these links on social media or other platforms.