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How to customize the editable yard signs for LENA Start recruitment

1. In LENA Online Resources, click the yard sign tile to view the sign in your browser.

2. Download the file to your computer.

Click the download icon, and save the PDF to a convenient location.

Consider renaming it to reflect the season you're setting it up for - e.g., "LENA_Start_yard_sign_fillable_2022Spring.pdf"

3. Open the saved file using your PDF reader (system viewer).

You can open with system viewer from the bottom of your browser window as shown, or use Windows File Explorer to navigate to the folder where you saved it, to open it in your default PDF reader program (e.g., Adobe Reader).

4. Add contact information.

From within Adobe or other PDF reader, click on the placeholder for the name, phone number, or email address and type in your program's information.

5. Add logo and QR code.

  1. Click on the white box where you want to add your image.
  2. A “select image” window pops up.
  3. Browse to find the image you want - your logo or your QR code - wherever it is stored on your computer, and then click OK.
  4. See your selected image in the box on the PDF.

6. Save your changes.

7. Send file to a printing service.

We recommend printing as an 18"x24" size.

If your printing service requires a JPG file, use your PDF reader to export the image file.