Open the LENA Start Presentation for your session

The LENA Start Presentations are the slide shows that you will display at the front of the room during each session. Each session has a special topic with its own set of slides.

You will need:

  • Your LENA Start presentation computer with the presentations installed.

1. Click on desktop shortcut to access the list of presentations.


If your program runs both Spanish and English, or a mix of old and new Start programs, you may have a few shortcuts. Pick the right one!

Hint: A single click on the desktop shortcut will reveal the full shortcut name so you can be sure you're opening the right folder.

Help - I don't have a shortcut folder!

You can still access the presentations folder using File Explorer. (You can then create your own shortcut!)

The standard location for the presentations folder is in C:\Program Files (x86)\LENA - though if you copied them from a thumb drive they'll be wherever you pasted them.

If you're having trouble locating the presentations, contact [email protected].

2. Double-click the session you want to display.

We strongly recommend that you test the LENA Start slide shows on your presentation computer before your first LENA Start session to make sure the slide and videos display properly.

3. Present slides.

  • Click or right-arrow to advance the slide or play the video.
  • Left arrow to go back to the previous slide.
  • Escape to close the presentation.

Remember: A copy of the accompanying Coordinator Notes, which you'll use to structure and guide discussion, are available alongside the presentations in the Resources section.