Duplicate email warning when adding or editing a user

The email address you have entered is already being used on another user account and cannot be used again. 

User emails must be unique.

Below are the most common reasons for attempting to input duplicate emails and what to do instead. 

If you can't find the information you need, please contact LENA Support.

User already exists.

Avoid making multiple accounts for one person. With very few exceptions, unless a person works under two completely unrelated contracts, a person will need only one account. It's a matter of placing that account in the appropriate part of your LENA "tree" and setting the appropriate permissions.

1. Find the existing account.

Use System Search in the highest organization context you have access to, and type in the email address.

If no results are found and your LENA contract is managed by a different organization, you may need to enlist the help of the overall program manager to search for the user in other parts of the larger account.

If the user cannot be found, contact LENA Support for help.

2. Adjust the existing account to meet the user's needs.

Set the user back to active status, if needed.

If the user's account also needs to be moved to a different level or site in your organization, or if you want help optimizing the location and permissions to meet your needs, please contact LENA Support for assistance.

If the person does in fact work within two unrelated LENA contracts - for example, a contractor who works with a county agency and a local school district, each of which has its own LENA program agreement/contract/subscription - then he or she will need to use an alternate address for the second account. Options may include:

  • ask IT support staff if they can create an "alias" of the existing email address
  • if the existing address is gmail, use + or . to create your own aliased address - for example, [email protected] and [email protected] both go to the same inbox, but are seen as different addresses by o.LENA.org.
  • get a new address dedicated to LENA use
  • use a personal email address

In any case make a note of which email address is used on which account.

Contact LENA Support if you have questions.

Trying to create a new user account because of an error in the original.

If you misspelled a name, you can open the existing user and edit it. If the misspelling created a misspelled username, contact LENA Support and we'll fix that for you.

If the original user's account is in the wrong place or doesn't seem to have access to the appropriate data or features, contact LENA Support for help sorting out the problem.

Multiple people share the same email address.

It's not possible to have multiple LENA users with a shared email address - for example, "[email protected]"

Please create the accounts with separate email addresses.

Generic address for a specific position that is now filled by a different person - e.g., "[email protected]"

If the new person has the option to use a different email address for their LENA account, use that one instead. Remember to inactivate the previous person's account.

If the new person must use the generic address, please email [email protected] for help removing the email address from the original user account.