Download and install the LENA Start Presentations

The LENA Start Presentations are the PowerPoint slide shows the coordinator displays at the front of the room during each session. Each session has a special topic with its own set of slides. The installer contains all of the sessions, and it creates a desktop shortcut for easy access.

Follow these instructions to install and use the presentation files. You will need:

  • LENA Online username and password to access the installer
  • a good internet connection (the installer is large)
  • Windows PC and user credentials to run the installer (you may need help from your IT support if your Windows account doesn't allow you to install software)
  • presentation computer that meets system requirements
  • 5 to 30 minutes per installation, depending on our download speed
Can I use a Mac for LENA Start Presentations?

Yes. The presentations are PowerPoint files, so as long as your Mac has PowerPoint you can display them and play the videos. However, the installers do not work on a Mac. You'll have to use a Windows PC to run the installer first, and then a large-capacity thumb drive to transfer copies of the installed presentations to the Mac. You'll need to repeat this any time the presentations are updated (which is not very often).

How do I move the installed presentations from the PC to the Mac?

In short, after you run the installer, copy the individual Session Presentation files from the PC, paste onto a thumb drive, then move/copy from the thumb drive to the Mac.

Here are the details:

  1. Install the files on a PC, such as your LENA Hub computer, using the instructions in this article. 
  2. Use File Explorer to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\LENA, where you'll see either Start 3 Presentations for English, or Start 3 Presentations - ESfor Spanish, or both.
    • Alternatively, you can double-click on the new LENA Start Presentations desktop shortcut to go directly to the folder containing the presentations, and then navigate up one level to the folder itself.
  3. Right-click on the folder, and choose Copy. Now the presentations are on your clipboard.
  4. Plug the thumb drive into the PC, and use File Explorer to open it, if it does not automatically open.
  5. Paste the folder you just copied into the thumb drive. (Right-click in the thumb drive window and select Paste.)
  6. Remove the thumb drive from the PC and plug it into the Mac.
  7. Copy or move the entire presentations folder to a convenient location on your Mac.

1. Download the LENA Start Presentation installer.

  1. In the Main Menu, expand the LENA Start section and select Resources.
  2. Select the Program Resources tab.
  3. Under Session Slides, click on the installer you need.
  4. Downloading may take several minutes. You can see the status in the lower left of your Chrome window.

2. Run the installer.

Help! I don't see the installer at the bottom of the screen.

If the download box disappeared, it's ok - you can still get to the installer using File Explorer.

Go to your Downloads folder, and double click on LENA_Start_3_Presentations.msi. Then you'll be on step 2, below.

  1. When the download completes, click on the installer in the lower left of your Chrome window to open/run. Be patient while the installer unpacks.
  2. Agree to any prompts about allowing the installer to make changes to your computer. This is normal.
    • If Windows also prompts you for administrator credentials, and your own Windows login does not work, please work with your IT support to complete the installation.
  3. Wait for Windows to install the presentations.
  4. When the installer window shows that it has finished, close the window and check your desktop for a new LENA Start Presentations shortcut.
Help! I opened the installer, but nothing is happening.

If your installation seems to be stuck on this screen with no progress bar for more than a couple of minutes, check the taskbar to see if administrator action is required.

If you see a blinking icon similar to this on your taskbar, click it. Your computer is requesting administrator approval to install the presentations. Agree to the prompt.

If you are then asked for a username and password, and your own Windows login does not work, please contact your IT support for help completing the installation, using the LENA Start Presentations ".msi" file that is already in your Downloads folder.

3. Test the presentations.

Open the LENA Start Presentations and test Session 1 prior to your first LENA Start session to make sure the slides and videos display properly on your computer.

4. Repeat as needed.

For any additional presentation computers you need to set up, there are two options:

  1. Repeat the same steps as above.


  1. Use an external drive to transfer the presentation files to the hard drive of the next computer, and create a shortcut there if desired. (Use this option if presenting on a Mac.)

Playing the slide shows directly from a thumb drive is not recommended, as this can cause problems with the videos.