Enter Parent Survey forms into LENA Online

Follow these steps to input Parent Surveys that were completed on paper, rather than by smart phone.

To enter Parent Survey responses you will need:

  • LENA Online access
  • one completed Parent Survey form for each child whose caregivers did not complete the online survey
  • about 2 minutes per form

Follow these steps to input the responses into LENA Online.

1. From the Main Menu click LENA Start, and select Parent Surveys.

You'll see a list of all participants in the selected group or organization.

2. Open a blank survey screen for the child.

Find the child's name in the list and click the edit button for the type of survey you are entering.

Session 1

Click the edit icon in the Pre Survey column.

Final Session

  1. Double check that the form was filled out by the same caregiver who completed the Pre Survey.
  2. Click the edit icon in the Post Survey column.
What if the name on the post survey does not match the name on the pre survey?
  • Do not enter the responses if the post Parent Survey was completed by a different caregiver.
  • Try to contact the correct caregiver to get his or her post-participation survey responses, and then enter those.

The pre and post survey must be completed by the same caregiver (as indicated in final Session Prep documents) to be included from the Performance Report.

3. Enter all information from the form.

All fields must be completed. If the caregiver skipped a question, follow the instructions on the screen.

Remember: Only one caregiver per child should complete a pre-LENA Start Parent Survey, and the same caregiver will complete the post-group survey.

What if the caregiver isn't listed under "Person answering questions"?

If the person who filled out the survey is not listed in the drop-down, you'll need to first add them as a Caregiver on the participant's screen before you can enter the survey responses.

4. Click Submit when form is complete.

You'll be taken back to the list of children.

For completed surveys, the caregiver's first name and the survey date are now displayed. 

Repeat until all Parent Surveys are entered.