Add a group (Admin only)

A group, also called a functional group, is a set of participants contributing data to a LENA program. Depending on your LENA program, groups might represent classrooms, caseloads, or children from a parenting group. 

Groups are added and managed by the LENA Online user who is the account administrator for your organization.

Each participant must be in a group, so be sure to set up your group(s) before adding participants.

1. Select the LENA organization where the group belongs.

Use the context drop-down to choose the organization (level) in which you will create the group.

2. From the Main Menu, Admin section, select Functional Groups.

3. Click the New Functional Group button.

4. Enter information for the group.

How to choose the Group's recorder assignment type:

Select Fixed to keep recorders assigned after transfer

  • Recorder goes back to same child

Select Per Recording to automatically unassign each recorder after transfer

  • Recorder may be assigned to any child

5. Click Submit to save the group.