Groups screen: Access and orientation (Admin only)


  1. In the context menu drop-down, select the organization that contains the groups you want to see.
  2. Click the Main Menu and expand the Admin section to locate Functional Groups.
Why does it say "Page not available for the context selected"?

This message appears when you try to open the groups screen with a group is in the context drop-down menu. Go up a level to the organization that your group is in.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome
  1. Use the context selector to show the organization of interest.
  2. Filter by group status.
  3. Sort by any column, ascending or descending, by clicking the column header.
  4. Use the screen search box to filter on any string of characters on the screen.
  5. Use the display column selector to choose types of information to display.
  6. Use the export button to save the information on the screen to a file.

Information displayed

Use the display column selector to display or hide any of the following fields:

Field Definition
Name Name of the group. Click this hyperlink to go to this specific group's screen for editing.
# Active Users Number of active users who are associated to this group
# Enrolled Number of participants in this group with enrolled status
# Dropped Number of participants in this group with dropped status
# Completed Number of participants in this group with completed status
Recorder Assign Type The group's current recorder assignment type
Group ID LENA Online database number assigned to this group


The screen is available to Admin users only.