Assign a device

Recorder Assignment associates a device to a participant.

A user can assign a device to any participant whose name that user can see.

These instructions apply to first time assignment, and to fixed (long-term) recorder assignments. If children in your program share recorder - that is, the recorder assignment alternates back and forth - please see Reassign a shared recorder via the Previous Recorder feature.

1. From the Main Menu, under Admin, select Recorder Assignment.

The Recorder Assignment screen is searchable and sortable. It lists all children belonging to the selected drop-down context, and shows the recorder numbers that are currently assigned to each child.

2. Locate the child you want to assign the recorder to.

Long list of participants? Quickly filter the list by typing a name in the page search field.

3. Under Assigned Recorders, type the recorder number you want to assign and hit Enter.

The recorder serial number is located on a silver sticker on the back of the recorder.

Double check the number against the recorder sticker!  

Typing the wrong number here can prevent another LENA user in another agency from assigning that number, which they own, to their child.

**Only you can prevent typos.**

A previously unassigned recorder serial number now appears as a purple tag.

The recorder is now associated with that child, and data from the recorder will be processed for that the child.

What if the recorder is already assigned to someone else?

The Confirm Assignment prompt appears if other child is in the same organization and in a group you can view.

  • Click Assign to remove the existing assignment and move the recorder to the new child.
  • Click No if you're unsure. You can investigate and come back later.

If the other child is in a different organization, you will see Invalid Recorder Assignment. You must first unassign the recorder from that child. Close the error and search for the current recorder assignment, unassign, and then assign to the new child.

4. Mark the back of the recorder with assignment information.

Use a removable label or masking tape and a sharpie to mark the back of the recorder with the child's first name (or initials, or a code). This will help you to: 

  • cross-check the assignment during data transfer
  • readily resolve reassignment questions for "per recording" assignments