LENA Start text messages for caregivers

LENA Start sends text messages to caregivers over the course of the program to support their participation and success, as well as to automate data entry for Snapshots, Parent Perceptions and Actions Surveys, and reading minutes. Automatic texts are sent in English or Spanish, based on each caregiver's preferred language setting.

This article applies to LENA Start 3 programs. Texts for previous versions of LENA Start may differ.

Automatic texts sent to all caregivers with texting enabled

Name of text English  version Spanish version Timing
Welcome Message Welcome to LENA! We send 1-3 txts/wk to support your success. Msg&data rates apply. Text STOP to quit.
Bienvenido a LENA! Enviamos de 1 a 3 mensajes por semana para apoyar su exito. Se aplican las tarifas estandar. Envie STOP para cancelar.
As soon as caregiver number is entered into LENA Online
Initial Session Reminder 1st LENA Start session [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] at [Location]. Don’t miss!
1a sesion de LENA Start [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] en [Location]. No se la pierda!
2 days before Session 1
Recording Reminder Good morning! Remember to LENA as soon as baby wakes up! Turn it on, press record, put it on, leave it on!
Buenos dias! Recuerde usar LENA tan pronto el bebe se despierte! Prendalo, apriete record, póngaselo y llevelo!
1 day after scheduled session
Session Reminder LENA: Next session [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] at [location]. Bring your recorder!
LENA: Siguiente sesion [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] en [location]. Traiga la grabadora!
2 days prior to Sessions 2 through Graduation
Reading Minute Request LENA: About how many minutes a day do you read with your baby? Text READ & number of minutes. Example: READ 15.
LENA: Mas o menos cuantos minutos al dia ha leido con su bebe? Envie "LEI" y los minutos. Ejemplo: LEI 15
3 days after the session starting at Session 3 and continuing weekly until completion
LENA Report Your new LENA report is here! Click [Report]
Ha llegado su nuevo informe LENA! Apriete [Report]
1 day after recording has been processed, starting after Session 4 and 3rd recording
Snapshot Report LENA: For report on [name]'s language development, click [SnapshotReport].
LENA: Para informar sobre el desarrollo de lenguaje de [name], apriete [SnapshotReport].
Morning after 3rd Snapshot is submitted
(Note: this texted link is separate from the display of the report on the caregiver's phone, which occurs immediately after the 2nd and subsequent online Snapshots are submitted)
Course Evaluation Survey Thanks for participating in LENA Start. Please share your thoughts. [survey link]
Gracias por participar en LENA Start. Por favor comparta sus pensamientos. [survey link]
Morning of Session 10 date (enrolled participants only)
Follow-up Online Snapshot LENA: Click to complete Snapshot [link].
LENA: Haga clic para completar el LENA Snapshot [link]
30 days after Session 10 and every 6 months until the child is 36 months old

System texts triggered by user action, or only in certain situations

Name of Text English  Version Spanish Version Timing and Distribution
Online Snapshot LENA: Click to complete Snapshot [link].
LENA: Haga clic para completar el LENA Snapshot [link]
Sent to primary caregiver when coordinator clicks button on Session Prep or Snapshots screen (Sessions 1, 5, and 9)
Parent Survey Please complete this LENA Parent Survey. [SurveyLink]
Por favor complete esta Encuesta LENA para padres de familia. [SurveyLink]
Sent to primary caregiver when coordinator clicks button on Session Prep screen (Sessions 1 and 10)
LENA Report This is your latest LENA Report [ReportLink] Este es su ultimo informe LENA [ReportLink] Sent when caregiver texts REPORT or REPORTE to the LENA Online number, or when coordinator sends from Session Prep
Video Playlist for Upcoming Session Varies by session. Includes session topic information and link to playlist. Varies by session. Includes session topic information and link to playlist.
Sent to all caregivers in group when coordinator clicks button on Session Prep for upcoming session
Makeup Session Playlist We missed you at our last session. These videos will help you catch up: [link] Nos hizo falta en la sesión pasada. Estos videos le ayudarán a ponerse al corriente: [link] Sent to caregiver(s) for individual child when coordinator clicks button in Group Info section of Session Prep for a past session
Session Date/Time/Location Change
1st Msg: LENA: Oops! Next session changed to [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] at [location]. 
2nd Msg: If you can't make new time, call coordinator to schedule make-up.
1st Msg: LENA: Ups! La prox sesion ha cambiado a las [H:M am/pm] [ddd] [m/d] en [location] 
2nd Msg: Si no puede venir a la hora nueva, llame a su coordinador para hacer una nueva cita
Sent when first or upcoming group meeting date/time and/or location is changed.
Recorder Follow-up
LENA. You haven't returned the LENA recorder issued [recorder assignment date m/d]. Please record and return as soon as possible!
LENA. No ha regresado la grabadora LENA emitido [recorder assignment date m/d]. Por favor, grabar y regresar, tan pronto como sea posible!
Only for sites using 'per recording' assignment; sent 30 days after a recorder is assigned
Recorder Overdue
LENA. You haven't returned LENA recorder issued [recorder assignment date m/d] Please contact your coordinator to arrange recording and returning!
LENA. No hemos recibido su grabación LENA de la fecha [recorder assignment date m/d]. Por favor contacte con su coordinador para organizar un grabación y su entrega.
Only for sites using 'per recording' assignment; sent 60 days after a recorder is assigned

Custom texts sent on demand

Coordinators and other LENA program staff can send custom text messages to some or all caregivers in a group. See Send a custom text to one or more families for details.