View hourly details data from past LENA Days

The LENA report is always cumulative and current - that is, it always contains the data for all recording dates, and the latest report date is highlighted by default.

Follow these instructions to get hourly data from previous days.

1. Open the child's report.

Remember, you can get to an individual report within an active group by way of the dashboard.

2. Click on the daily bar for the day you want to see.

The bar for that day darkens for all measures to show that it is is selected.  

The hourly display changes to reflect the language environment for the selected recording day. The date on the hourly graph changes, too.

Use the black arrows to scroll if there are more recording days to display.

The following information does not change when you select a previous date:

  • report date
  • age
  • reading minutes
  • star count

Those items always display the current cumulative information.

When you print an individual report, whatever is on the screen is what will be printed.

To print multiple days, select and print each day one at a time.