Print a single report

Follow these steps to print any LENA report.

This method works for individual and group reporting.

1. Open the report you want to print.

2. Change what is displayed, if needed.

For example, you can change the language to English or Spanish, or change which day is shown in the hourly breakout.

Remember: Whatever is on the screen for the next step is what your computer will print.

3. Right-click anywhere on the report, and select "Print..." from the menu that pops up.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

...or use a keyboard shortcut:

  • Ctrl+P on Windows
  • Command+P on Mac

...or use the Chrome menu:

  • Click the 3 dots in the upper right of the browser screen, and select "Print..."

4. Select options and print.

  1. Select your printer in the Destination dropdown.
  2. Most LENA reports print best in Landscape layout/orientation (exception: Progress Report, available for select programs only).
  3. Be sure to print in color!
  4. Optional pro tip: For cleaner reports, open "More settings" and uncheck Headers and Footers.
  5. Click Print.
LENA Online™ - Google Chrome