Welcome dashboard for LENA Start

The LENA Start welcome dashboard presents several big-picture metrics. Markers on each dial show program goals for comparison. Click any dashboard item below for details on what it means.

1. Active Groups

An Active Group

  • has all sessions scheduled
  • has completed Session 1
  • is still running sessions OR completed its final session fewer than two weeks ago but has not yet been closed out.

The count includes all Active Groups in the selected organization and/or any suborganizations.

Note: The Active Group count is not displayed on the welcome dashboard for a single group. The group coordinator's name is displayed instead.

2. Active Families

An Active Family has attended at least one session and/or has turned in at least one recording for an Active Group. A participant who attended a session and then dropped still counts as active.

3. Projected Graduation Rate

The Projected Graduation Rate shows how many Session 1 attendees are likely to graduate. The likelihood is based on current attendance and recordings submitted - that is, if no sessions or recordings that have been missed are made up in the future. Families who attended Session 1 but later dropped do factor into this calculation.

Goal: 80% of families projected to graduate

If applicable, this area also shows how many groups or families need help:

4. Valid Recordings

Valid Recordings are recordings that are long enough to represent a full day of the child's language environment, generating percentiles for words and turns.

This dial is current, not cumulative. It reflects recordings submitted for the past two sessions.

Goal: 94% of recently submitted recordings are valid

5. Families Increasing Turns

Families Increasing Turns are families who are producing more conversational turns in their recent recordings than they did on their first recording.

This value is calculated one day after Session 5. It counts only families who have submitted at least four valid recordings. For each eligible family, we average the data underlying the Turns PCTL for their most recent three recordings, and compare that average against the same information from their first recording. If the current average is higher than the first recording, the family is increasing turns.

GOAL = 50% of families with 4+ recordings are increasing turns

Context matters: If your user account can see organization-level information, your welcome dashboard summarizes all active groups in your organization. If your user account can see only certain groups, then your welcome dashboard will show one of your groups. In either case, choose a different organization or group in the context menu drop-down to see different data.

Hmmm...my welcome dashboard doesn't look anything like this.

If you are managing multiple LENA programs, your welcome dashboard will just show participation numbers for each program type. You can:

  • Put a Start partner/site or a group in the context to see its welcome dashboard, or
  • Click More Details or any medallion to see details for each program type.
LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

You can return to this dashboard any time by clicking the LENA Online logo. You'll be taken to the welcome dashboard for whatever organization or group is currently in the context menu drop-down.

Click More Details, or any medallion, to drill down to the corresponding detail dashboard - that is, the organization detail dashboard or the group detail dashboard.