Organization Detail Dashboard for LENA Start

The LENA Start organization detail dashboard displays summary information and provides access to reports for current and completed groups.

Access and navigation

This dashboard is available to users who have View Org permissions.

Open the organization detail dashboard from the welcome dashboard by clicking More Details, or any medallion.

To return to the detail dashboard at any time, select the desired organization in the context drop-down, click on the LENA Online logo to open its welcome dashboard, and click More Details.


The information displayed varies by the type of organization that is in the context selector - that is, whether it contains nested partners/regions/agencies, or just groups, or both. The example shown is for a partner organization that contains only groups. If your organization contains nested partners, you'll see high-level information for them as well as links for drilling down to more detail.

1. Organization-level stats

This section repeats the information from this organization's welcome dashboard regarding recent activity.

Color coding highlights any groups who may need special attention in order to stay on track toward their goals, and clicking on any group name takes you to that group's detail dashboard.