Group Detail Dashboard for LENA Start

Although Session Preparation is the best source for group info and actions, the group detail dashboard puts basic group stats and certain action items all on one screen.

How to access and navigate the group detail dashboard

The group detail dashboard is available for any group that has not been closed out and set to inactive. There are a couple of ways to get to the group detail:

  • From the organization detail dashboard, click on the group name.


  • Place the group in the context drop-down menu, click the LENA Online log, and then click More Details.

The group dashboard is visible to all users for all groups within their viewing permission. Child names are replaced by IDs for users who do not have permission to see names.

Group detail dashboard features

2. Child information and progress notifications

Children who have at least one session attendance or LENA Day appear in the table.

The table contains most of the same information as the Session Prep Report, including parent names, notifications, and colorful indications of a child's progress toward graduation.

In contrast to the prep report, this dashboard shows children who are too far behind on sessions/LENA Days to graduate, or who participated but have been marked as dropped. (These participants count toward the group stars goals.)

While you can't take attendance or see star totals on the dashboard, you can easily access a single child's report by clicking on his or her name.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

How to use the "on track / off track" indicators for attendance and recordings

The group detail dashboard and Session Prep Report indicate which families are on track and which ones need intervention to graduate - and more importantly, to get the most out of LENA Start. The legend at the bottom of the dashboard explains the coding, but here are a few more details.

Attendance bubbles:

  • Yellow: Let them know that they're doing fine, but if they miss a Session or LENA Day they'll fall off track.
  • Red: It's still possible for the family to graduate, but only if you schedule make-up session(s) with them.

Recordings indicators:

  • The number indicates how many unhidden LENA Days the family has submitted to date.
  • A red asterisk means the participant has fewer recordings than recommended based on the current session. Talk to the parents about any issues they are having with recordings to make sure they stay on track.
  • A processing animation (fondly known as the LENA Woolly Worm) means the child has a LENA Day that is still uploading or processing. If you believe processing should have completed, check the LENA Hub where the device was transferred.

If a participant's information is gray, the family is too far off track to complete the program. It's best to focus your efforts and attention on the other families.