LENA Snapshot development and norms

Development of the LENA Snapshot

To learn more about how the LENA Snapshot was developed, please see the following resources:

  • Gilkerson, J., Richards, J. A., Greenwood, C. R., & Montgomery, J. K. (2017). Language assessment in a snap: Monitoring progress up to 36 months. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 33(2), 99-115. doi: 10.1177/0265659016660599
  • LENA technical report - The LENA Developmental Snapshot

LENA Snapshot standard score distribution

LENA Snapshot standard scores are capped at either end. They are normed to have Mean=100 and SD=15.

Standard Score Percentile Standard Deviation
64 (minimum) <1st -2.4 SD
70 2nd -2 SD
85 16th -1 SD
100 50th Mean 
115 84th +1 SD
130 98th +2 SD
>99th +2.4 SD