Group alerts: Missing attendance

What does this alert mean?

A past session has no attendance data.

How can I fix it?

Click on the session tabs at the top of Session Prep to find the session that is missing attendance.

If the session was held, mark attendance by checking the appropriate box for each child who attended (under Attend? or Makeup?).

If no one attended because the session has been rescheduled to a future date, be sure to adjust the session date in LENA Online. This adjustment to a future date will also remove this alert.

Why does it matter?

Attendance determines a family's eligibility to graduate and to be included in your site's Performance Report. A family's attendance factors into whether a family is "on track" or "off track," and is used to calculate the projected graduation rate on your program's dashboards.

Keeping accurate attendance records is critical to keeping your dashboards, session prep reports, and notifications accurate and meaningful.