Group alerts: Missing Snapshots

What does this alert mean?

No Snapshots have been entered in LENA Online for a past session that included a LENA Snapshot administration - that is, Sessions 1, 5, and 9.

This alert appears when a group has no Snapshots for a given session. It does not pick up situations where just a few families are missing Snapshots.

Make a habit of checking the Snapshots screen for your group the day after Snapshot sessions to be sure everything is complete.

How can I fix it?

Enter Snapshots into LENA Online for all families who completed them on paper.

If something went wrong and families did not complete the Snapshots during the session, be sure to have families complete them as soon as possible.

If this alert appears after Session 5 or Session 9, and you believe all families completed the Snapshot online during the session, contact LENA Support.

This alert persists for 14 days after the Snapshots were due, and then it resolves even if the Snapshots are still missing.

Why does it matter?

A family must have a baseline Snapshot and a post-group Snapshot to be eligible for inclusion in the Snapshot section of your program's outcome data, the Performance Report.