Group alerts: Multiple families off track

What does this alert mean?

This alert means two or more families currently do not meet LENA Start graduation criteria for attendance or are behind on LENA Days, but could still be brought back on track in time to graduate. These are families to follow up with now!

This alert does not include families who:

  • have been marked as dropped
  • can no longer be brought back on track because they need 3 or more makeup sessions
  • no longer have time to make up enough recordings before the final session

How can I fix it?

Check the Session Prep Report or your group's detail dashboard for details on which families need action.

Use the key at the bottom and the color coding in the Attend and Recs columns to quickly scan for who is off track on meeting attendance requirements or recordings.

See the Notifications column for the details, and work with the family to get back on track.

For example...

  • If they are missing attendance for required sessions, try to find a time when they can make up the session, and then mark their attendance.
  • If they have too few LENA Days, make sure they will be able to complete a LENA Day for every remaining session. If scheduling conflicts are likely, consider sending two devices home at the next session so they can record twice between sessions to catch up. (Remember to print a report for each LENA day since the last session so the family can see hourly data for each LENA Day since their last session. The report printed from Session Preparation will show hourly day for the most recent LENA Day only.)
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Why does it matter?

Families who are off track are not only in danger of not graduating - the caregivers and their children are not getting the most out of LENA Start.

The core session content, LENA reports, and regular opportunities to practice, reflect, and set goals in a supportive environment are critical components in establishing caregiver habits to increase words and conversational turns in their children's language environments.