Group alerts: Multiple families with no reading minutes

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

What does this alert mean?

This alert appears in Session Prep 2 days prior to Sessions 4-10 if two or more families are missing reading minutes for that week.

It does not flag instances where reported reading minutes do not meet star goals.

How can I fix it?

Check the prep report or the Reading Minutes screen to see which families are missing reading minutes.

Clear the alert by reminding these families to submit their reading minutes in one of these ways:

  • Respond to the weekly reading reminder text. (Use these steps to troubleshoot if families are not receiving texts.)
  • Send reading minutes to 855-960-0731 by texting "READ" followed by their daily average for the week - e.g., READ 15.  Spanish speakers can use "LEI" - e.g, LEI 20. The text must come from the the phone number associated with the caregiver in LENA Online.
  • Report reading minutes to the coordinator, who can manually enter reading minutes into LENA Online.

Take advantage of the alert when you see it. The alert automatically clears the day after the session, even if the reading minutes were not entered.

Why does it matter?

LENA Start emphasizes shared reading as a valuable opportunity for meaningful conversational turns with infants and toddlers.

Weekly reminders to read, and to reflect on their shared reading habits, are some of LENA Start's tools to help caregivers and children develop a habit of shared reading.

In addition, shared reading minutes contribute to each family's star counts, the Group Stars report, and your program's Performance Reporting.