Snapshot online: What does the caregiver see?

The online Snapshot contains all the same items as the paper form. The images below show what the caregiver will see and do after receiving the link.

Help - the caregiver's phone is asking them to log in to LENA Online

This can happen if the caregiver clicks on the link but does not start the Snapshot, so their "session" times out.

Ask the caregiver to close the browser where the login prompt is showing, and then tap the Snapshot link in their messages again.

Welcome screen

  1. Snapshot opens in caregiver's preferred language. To switch, tap button in upper right.
  2. Check box to accept terms of use (first time only).
  3. Tap Next.

Demographics screen

  1. Verify information is correct. (If incorrect, alert coordinator and do Snapshot on paper).
  2. Answer question and tap Next.


  1. Review instructions.
  2. Tap Next.


  • Questions are presented one at a time. Tapping Yes or Not Yet advances to the next question.
  • Tap Back to return to the previous question.
  • After 5 Not Yet answers in a row, follow prompt to enter reading minutes for the week.


Play a little game to prove you're not a robot!

Completion screen

Your program may or may not offer to display the report immediately after completion.