How to access the LENA Start Performance Reports

Follow these steps to see performance data for completed groups in your organization.

Each group's data becomes available for inclusion in the Performance Report, Data Summary, and Site Comparison when the group is closed out, or 14 days after its final session.

Who can access the Start Performance Report?

LENA Online users with View Org permission can access:

  • the organization-level Performance Report, with Data Summary and Site Comparison, for their own organization and any nested partner organizations
  • the group-level Performance Report for any completed group at or below their own organization

LENA Online users who only have group associations rather than full org view (e.g., coordinators) can access:

  • the group Performance Report for any group that is still active but is 14 days past the Session 10 date

Performance data for an organization: Performance Report, Data Summary, and Site Comparison

Open the organization-level Performance Report for a site or an entire program
  1. In the context menu drop-down, select the organization of interest.
  2. Click the Main Menu, expand the LENA Start section, and click Performance Report.

These reports reports pull data from all completed groups in the selected organization and its nested partner organizations with start dates within the date range entered - including groups in inactive partner suborgs.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

Group Performance Report

Open the group-level Performance Report

On the organization detail dashboard, click the report icon beside the completed group.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome
I see a checkered flag instead of a report icon

Oops! The checkered flag appears if Session 10 occurred within the last two weeks, and you haven't yet completed group closeout. Click the flag to work through group closeout.

Option - Use the menu to access for active groups
  1. In the context menu drop-down, select the group of interest.
  2. The Performance Report is located under the LENA Start section of the Main Menu.