LENA Start Data Summary

The LENA Start Data Summary view of an organization's Performance Report shows the program's reach and retention, as well as its impact on children and families at the program, partner, or site level through aggregated data for Words, Turns, Snapshot results, reading minutes, and Parent Surveys.  

Like the Performance Report, the Data Summary pulls from completed groups within the selected context and date range.

How to access the Data Summary

Users with Is Admin of View Organization Data permissions can access the Performance Report for an organization (partner or site) and click the Data Summary tab.

What information is in the Data Summary?

The Data Summary presents the partner/site-level baseline and graduation measures from the LENA Start Performance Report in a condensed format with more detailed written explanations of each result. Click each item for more detail on what the report shows.

1. Partner information and date range

The printed report shows the organization and the Session 1 date range included in this report. Set these parameters using the context menu and date range fields at the top of the screen. (The top of the screen does not print.)

2. Participation, graduation, and reading stats

Participating families are families in completed groups within the context and date range who attended one or more sessions and/or attempted one or more recordings.

The graduation rate is the percent of participating families who met graduation criteria - i.e., # graduates / # participating families.

For reading minutes, we show the change in the average daily time spent in shared reading as reported by families who met LENA Start graduation criteria.

  • The baseline measure is average of all values reported by graduating families on Snapshots completed within 14 days before or after Session 1.
  • The final "grad" measure is the average of the highest value reported by each graduating family within 14 days on either side of the final session, whether by text/manual entry or from the final Snapshot.
Data Summary Top
3. Adult behavior change section

The All Families and Lower-Talk Families charts combine the corresponding Words and Turns charts from the Parent Change portion of the Performance Report. The inclusion rules and calculations are the same as on the Performance Report.

The text accompanying the chart is responsive to the data. The paragraph is tailored to reflect the outcomes for the families whose data are included in the Data Summary.

Data Summary Adult Change
4. Child language development section

The Snapshot Results chart combines the All Graduates and Lower Talk charts of the Performance Report.

The text accompanying the chart is responsive to the data. The paragraph is tailored to reflect the outcomes for the families whose data are included. When the data indicate that on average the children are developing skills at an accelerated rate (more than one month of skill development per month), that is noted. (Rate of child language development is a comparison of Snapshot Developmental Age gains relative to change in chronological age over the same period of time.)

Data Summary Snapshot
5. Parent perceptions and interactive behaviors section

This section is a repeat of the Parent Survey Results section from the Performance Report.

The % value shown in the text is the Total % Change from the pie chart, and the bars are the same as in the Performance Report.

Data Summary Parent Survey
Data Summary

You can print and/or save a PDF of the report at any point.

The context menu and date range sections do not print, but the parameters are stated in text at the top of the printout.