LENA Snapshot screen: Access, orientation, definitions


Access Snapshots from the main menu. Expand the Data section and choose Snapshots.

The Snapshot screen is visible to all users, but available features differ by individual user permissions, and by how an organization is configured. For example:

  • Snapshot data entry is available only to users who permission to view child names.
  • Snapshot online entry links can be sent only by a user with name viewing permission, and only for children within a LENA organization that is configured for online Snapshots.  

Snapshot screen orientation

Use the main Snapshot screen to view and enter Snapshot data for your participants, and to send online Snapshot entry links to caregivers.

Organization and Group views

The main view shows a summary of the most recent Snapshot data for all children in the selected organization or group, with options for filtering, sorting, searching, and exporting what's on screen.

  1. Context drop-down menu - As on all LENA screens, use this to select the organization or group of interest.
  2. Child status filter - Display data for Enrolled, Completed, or Dropped children.
  3. Sortable columns - Sort the data by just about any available column.
  4. Screen search - Search just this screen and return the rows that match your search. You can search by most of the available columns - even dates.
  5. Column picker - Decide which types of information you want to see on the screen. Your browser will remember your selections and show you the same ones next time.
  6. Screen export - Make a quick export of whatever is displayed on this screen, for use in your preferred spreadsheet program. There are other export options available via the Data Exports section of the main menu.
  7. Links to participant data - Click on any participant's name to view details for that child.
  8. Action icons to enter a new Snapshot, or to send the online Snapshot link by text or email (if enabled for your organization).

When a specific group is selected in the context menu, you'll also see the option to send online Snapshot texts in bulk (if online Snapshots have been enabled for your organization).

Snapshot screen column definitions

Snapshot-specific columns are defined below. Some items may be unavailable to some accounts.

# Submitted
The number of Snapshots that have been completed for this child.
  • Create new Snapshot, and fill in caregiver's responses.
  • Send online Snapshot entry link to child's caregiver via text.
  • Send online Snapshot entry link to child's caregiver via email.

Text and email options are active (blue) if online Snapshots are enabled and valid caregiver contact information has been entered.

Last Snapshot Date
Date of child's most recent Snapshot. If the results suggest the need for a referral for further evaluation, an alert is displayed.
Last Snapshot Age (Mos)
Child's chronological age in months on date of most recent Snapshot.
Last Snapshot Dev Age
Developmental age results in months from child's most recent Snapshot. May be higher or lower than the child's actual age.
Last Snapshot PCTL
Percentile results from child's most recent Snapshot. Average is 50.
Snapshot Sent
Date and time when the last Snapshot entry link was sent for this child (text or email).
Snapshot Entry Link URL
Child's online Snapshot web link. Unique to the child, and does not change over time.
Last Snapshot SS
Standard Score from child's most recent Snapshot. Average is 100.
Snapshot ID
LENA database number assigned to child's most recent Snapshot record.

Participant level view

The child view displays details about each Snapshot that has been completed for that child. The Snapshot results are listed by date of completion.

In addition to Snapshot results data and the familiar filtering/searching tools, the participant's Snapshot screen contains:

  1. New Snapshot entry button, for manually entering answers from a paper form.
  2. Buttons for viewing the completed form and the Snapshot Report for the selected date.