Edit an existing group (Admin only)

LENA account administrators can change the following items on the group screen:

  • Group Name
  • Group Status
  • Recorder Assignment Type
  • Associated Users

To move a group to a different organization, get help from LENA Support.

1. In the context menu, select the organization that contains the group you need to edit.

2. From the Main Menu, Admin section, select Functional Groups.

3. Select the group from the list.

4. Edit as needed.

LENA Online™ - Google Chrome

Click any option below for more information:

Change group name

Type the preferred or corrected name in the Name field.

Change group status

Options are Active or Inactive.

All participants in the group must be marked as completed or dropped before the group can be set to inactive.

If your group has data, inactivating the group is the last step of group closeout. Please complete all of your program's group closeout procedures prior to setting the group to inactive.

Change recording assignment type

Options are Fixed or Per Recording. Select the preferred option from the drop-down.

The change to a functional group's recorder assignment type applies only to future recorder assignments.  For any existing assignments, the assignment type does not change until that recorder is unassigned

Example: Current assignments that were made under "per recording" mode will automatically unassign after the next recording (one more time), even after you change to "fixed" mode.

If your group has existing recorder assignments, the cleanest approach may be to:

  1. Export the list of assignments for the Group for future reference. Use the export button on the Recorder Assignment screen for your group. You can open the file in Excel, Sheets, or similar.
  2. Unassign the recorders.
  3. Change the assignment type for the Group as described above.
  4. Reassign the recorders using your exported list as a guide.

This method avoids creating a mixture of assignment types and subsequent surprises during recorder transfer!

Change which users are linked to the group

From here you can:

5. Click Submit to save changes.